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Most people dream of living on the beach. Perhaps they got a taste of beach living on a vacation, or perhaps they simply like the thought of being close to the sand and the sun. Regardless of the reason, the “beach bug” has bitten them and nothing will stop them from buying a beach home. Although, most people do not really believe that they will be able to afford one of these homes on the beach. That isn’t the case though, at least when you decide to widen your horizons and start looking at the foreclosed properties. You can often find Beach Homes Destin foreclosures for sale at great prices.

When you choose to buy one of the Florida’s foreclosures for sale, you will find that it offers a number of advantages and benefits besides great prices. One of the most popular things about the area is the wide variety of communities from which you can choose. You will find small areas just outside the city, as well as beach communities, and condos directly in Destin. Whatever your lifestyle, you are sure to find foreclosed homes in a community that speaks to your needs. Continue Reading »

A home equity line of credit is a form of revolving credit in which your home serves as collateral. Because the home is likely to be a consumer’s largest asset, many homeowners use their credit lines only for major items such as education, home improvements, or medical bills and not for day-to-day expenses. Continue Reading »

Find Affordable Homeowners Insurance for Every Need

Because we work with so many carriers and brokers in all 50 states, we have policies that can fit any special need or budget. Whether you need a standard homeowners insurance policy, coverage for a luxury home, an umbrella policy, renters insurance, or coverage for a mobile or manufactured home, we have agents who can help. Additionally, we offer several types of specialty homeowners coverage, including earthquake insurance, wind and flood protection, and coverage for high risk homeowners.

A Fast, Free, and Easy Way to Find Affordable Home Insurance

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Typical Homeowners Insurance Coverage

With your Homeowners coverage, your house and separate structures on the premises (sheds, detached garages, etc.) are covered for almost any type of damage except for a few exclusions listed in your policy.

Find out more about home rebuilding costs.  Make your home safer and possibly save money on insurance costs.

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Why do you need Condominium/Townhouse insurance?

Protect your home, Protect your belongings and Protect the assets you’ve worked so hard for!

  • Dwellings and other structures – For townhouse owners, your townhouse and separate structures are covered for almost any type of damages except for a few common exclusions, such as wear and tear, earth movement, flood, nuclear hazard and earthquake.
  • Dwelling Improvements, Alterations, and Additions  – For Condominium owners, you are covered for accidental damage to improvements you make in your unit for which your association’s policy does not provide coverage, subject to your condo insurance policy limits.
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Protect your belongings and Protect the assets you’ve worked so hard for!

  • Personal Property – Apartment and Townhome renters insurance provides coverage for your household contents and personal belongings. You may think your couch, coffee table, sweaters, shoes, coats, TV, VCR and CD player aren’t worth a lot but those items all add up.
  • Personal Liability – In the event someone is injured on your property or you damage property that belongs to others, you could be held legally liable for the injury or damage.  The renters policy provides personal liability coverage to financially protect you should this ever occur.
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    Let’s face it, home insurance is necessary for your peace of mind and should be purchased to protect you from a financial disaster. Home insurance can help protect your assets from lawsuit judgments against you and pay for your legal defense if you are sued. No matter what happens — minor accidental damage to contents or a major event like an earthquake, storm of fire — you need fast response from your home insurance company. Protect your Home, Protect your belongings, and Protect the assets you’ve worked so hard for!   Continue Reading »

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    Florida lots for sale tips

    You know the rest. Your neighbor knows the rest. Well meaning folks looking to invest in their future knows the rest. And still every month someone buys a parcel of Florida land from an online auction site or from reading an artfully worded newspaper ad. Willingly, they send off a check to an individual they have never met, for a piece of Florida they have never seen. Why not? The Florida real estate market is hot right now isn’t it? As long as they get a title policy they are safe, right?

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    About Pelican Real Estate

    Pelican Real Estate was established in 1996 by William H. Smith in Seagrove Beach Florida. Pelican has grown into the largest locally owned real estate company in Northwest Florida. With offices from Panama City to Navarre and beyond, Pelican is here to serve you. Pelican is a full service real estate brokerage based in Destin, Florida offering expertise in residential real estate, commercial real estate and investment real estate.

    Pelican Real Estate provides the highest standard of service to the buyers and sellers of real estate throughout the Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida and the region. All Agents are dedicated to responsibility, accountability, and professional integrity before and after each sale. Our Philosophy is simple. Customer service is our core principle. We are professionals, who understand that you deserve the very best. The proof of quality service is in our repeat customers and referrals from family and friends.

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